Nottingham’s first social supermarket and a surplus food redistribution network

What is Foodprint?

Food waste shouldn’t coexist with people struggling to afford nutritious food. We tackle this imbalance directly, redirecting food that is perfectly fit for consumption but would otherwise go to waste. We are a social enterprise started by students at the University of Nottingham, acting as an intermediary between supermarkets, wholesalers, charities and the people of Nottingham to redistribute food. We also sell surplus at a greatly reduced price through our low-cost social supermarket in Sneinton.

Come Visit Us!

Come and check out our shop in Sneinton for affordable prices on a wide variety of foods 

Weekly Opening Hours

Updated here and on social media every Friday.
Saturday 13 July: 9am - 3pm
Tuesday 16 July: 11am-4pm

Our Location

101 Sneinton Rd, Nottingham, NG2 4QL

our Goals

Reduce Food Waste

The UK throws away enough food to fill the Royal Albert Hall every single day, 60% of which is still fit for human consumption. This equates to 6 million tonnes of edible food per year.

Encourage Healthy Eating

It is thought that 3.7 million children in the UK can’t afford a healthy, balanced diet, with more nutritious foods such as fruit and veg often being more expensive.

Combat Food Insecurity

In the UK, over 1/10 adults and almost 1/4 parents with children aged under 18 have skipped meals because of a lack of money. 

We are looking for volunteer
store managers & van drivers!

Do you have free time on your hands or just looking to help a good cause? Why not sign up to volunteer in our store or drive our redistribution van – we need all the help we can get!

We are looking to collect food...

Are you a business with surplus food and nowhere to take it? Donate this food to Foodprint and help reduce food waste and food poverty in Nottingham.

our Solutions


We collect from numerous partners all over the city, intercepting perfectly edible food before it is tossed into landfill. We even collect surplus food from the partners we deliver to when they can’t use it themselves. 


We weigh and sort the collections at our shop and redistribute it for free to those who need it most. The surplus that can’t be redistributed to food banks, community eating projects, or schools stays with us.


We sell the remaining surplus food in Nottingham’s first social supermarket as cheaply as is sustainably possible, subsidising fruit and vegetables in particular to make healthy eating as affordable as possible.

  • Our opening hours this week. We've got limited hours (sorry about that, working on it!) and a LOT of food (fruit & veg going onto a second aisle), so would really appreciate help getting the word out so all is saved from landfill. Thanks, and see you all soon! 😁 ♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket
  • A wide variety of high quality surplus fruit & veg, bakery and non-perishable items in stock this week after our large delivery: as ever, all of which otherwise would have ended up in landfill! We're open 9-5 Saturday, 11-4 Sunday and 12-14:45 Monday: pop in to make sure it all finds its way to a good home! 😃♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket #fareshareeastmidlands
  • Our opening hours this week: lots of opportunities to drop by! Huge thanks, as ever, to our amazing volunteers for keeping the store running smoothly over the university holidays. 😃♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket
  • If the weather wasn't enough to raise spirits this weekend, take a look at the huge delivery we've just had in! Plenty of juicy fruit 🍊🍐🍓🍇 to quench your thirst, cakes & other nibbles to share with family and friends, and another week of a packed non-perishables shelf. Massive thanks to our fantastic partners for helping save all this good food from landfill. Everyone's welcome to pop down, we're open 9-5 on Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday and Monday: make sure this all finds its way to a good home! 😀♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket #fareshareeastmidlands
  • Our opening hours this week: look forward to welcoming you all! 😀♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket
  • This week's massive delivery is out on the shelves, with a range of fresh fruit & veg, bread and bakery items that would otherwise have gone to waste! Also, make sure you don't miss out on our especially large selection of tinned foods, cereals and other non-perishables before they're snapped up. We're open 9-5 this Saturday, and 11-4 on Sunday and Monday. See you then! 😃♻️ #sneinton #socialsupermarket #fareshareeastmidlands
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