Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Foodprint is Nottingham’s first Social Supermarket and a redistribution network. We are a not-for-profit enterprise run by students from the University of Nottingham.

We sell surplus food, that would otherwise go to landfill, at discounted prices in our store in Sneinton, Nottingham. We also redistribute surplus food to local organisations in the community that need the food, such as school breakfast clubs, food banks and homeless shelters.

Everyone is welcome to shop with us! You don’t need a referral to visit us. 

At Foodprint, we sell surplus food that supermarkets would otherwise put into landfill, where the food is still at a good quality and perfectly safe to eat. We also do not stock food past its ‘Use By’ date.

Our volunteers thoroughly check that food is still good to eat before handing them to customers.

We have introduced a number of measures to protect both our customers and our volunteers

These include:

  • Maximum of 3 customers the store at anytime

  • Perspex screen between our customersand volunteers
  • Hand sanitiser available at the door
  • Ensuring that a 2m distance is maintained from others in the queue

  • Shopping baskets cleaned after every use
  • Encouraging cashless and contactless payments where possible

  • Our volunteers are wearing masks at all times, and are changing them appropriately

We have been working harder than ever to increase the number of partners in our redistribution network, to ensure that we are providing food to as many vulnerable people as possible.

We have been redistributing food to a number of homeless shelters, food banks and other new and existing organisations providing food for those who need it most during this crisis. Since school closures, we have collaborated with four local schools whose breakfast clubs we usually support have been vital to making sure children aren’t going hungry.  

If you would like to get involved and support Foodprint during this time, click here, or email us at volunteer@foodprint.io!

If you have any other questions, drop us a message on our Facebook or send us an email at info@foodprint.io



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