How we work

Social Supermarket & Redistribution Network


Social Supermarket

Our store was opened on 2nd December 2017 and is the central hub for Foodprint. All food collected from our partners comes here to be sorted and redistributed to those experiencing food poverty in the city, be this through our network of community-eating cafes, food banks, and school breakfast clubs, or directly through our shop. This way, we make good food accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it.

Anyone is welcome, so pop in and say hello and maybe pick up a thing or two while you're here!

Redistribution Network


Some of our partners lack the time and resources to collect the food donated to them. We are happy to help with our van providing a collection service. 

Drop Offs

Our store isn’t quite yet equipped to handle the refrigerated donations we receive. We make sure this doesn’t go to waste by delivering it to our partners to utilise.

Breakfast Clubs

Child food insecurity in Nottingham is high, with many children arriving at school hungry. We deliver food to school breakfast clubs too to tackle this.