Our Impact

Check out our impact on the world environmentally, economically and socially!

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Sold Weight

Since 2nd December 2017 we have saved and sold a lot of food. This continues to grow as the word spreads about us to new partners and customers.

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Redistributed Weight​

Food from our partners doesn’t just end up in our store. We also make an impact on the community by delivering to food banks and breakfast clubs.

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CO2 Saved

Once in landfill, food waste breaks down and emits greenhouse gases. By reducing food waste we are mitigating the rate of climate change.


Customer Count

Since the opening of our store on 2nd December 2017 our customer count and aid of people in food poverty has been growing day by day.

Customers Reviews

We are proud of our stats, but let’s hear directly from our customers..

A brilliant initiative - went by today to get some food and got lots of lovely things. All of which would probably have gone in the bin if Foodprint hadn't snapped it up. I'll come again for sure!
Foodprint is such a great shop and a wonderful idea! The lady who served me today was really friendly and helpful - I will definitely be returning!

Many thanks to Foodprint. From their fantastic food donation, so far we've made a fantastic banana pud that finished off our Tuesday meal nicely.

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