Our Story

About Us

We are Foodprint, a multi award-winning social enterprise, that run a social supermarket and redistribution network in the heart of Sneinton, Nottingham. Our store, run entirely by students from the University of Nottingham, first opened in 2017.

Between then and now, we have seen great progression in our pursuit to reduce food waste from going to landfill, in addition to  providing affordable food to our community. We have significantly expanded our redistribution network, partnering with more school breakfast clubs, food banks and other local organisations than ever before.

Our latest project ‘Foodprint on Wheels’, aims to bring affordable, surplus food to the Nottingham community with our newly renovated van, thanks to the support of the National Lottery Community Fund, and funding from alumni and friends of the University of Nottingham via Cascade. 

Another exciting project our team have been working on is ‘Dried Apple Smiles’. Our dried apples are baked and prepared by the Open Wings organisation that provides support to adults with learning difficulties. We then redistribute our dried apples to school breakfast clubs, helping children to get the most nutrition out of their school breakfast meals.

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Meet The Team

Giada Boer


Poppy Wood

Team Leader

Farah Ravat

Grants and Competitions Manager

Head of Business Operations

Amogh Kanvinde

Data and Insights


Shagun Dharnidharka

Data and Insights Manager

Tia Mashini

Store Manager

Head of Store Operations

Beth Plunkett

Store Volunteer Recruitment Manager

Ramneek Kaur

Store Volunteer Development Manager

Zareena Kapadia

Digital Marketing Manager

Head of Marketing 

Izzy Corlett

Physical Marketing Manager

Omer Samuel

Head of Supply Chain 

Olivia Thomas

Supply Manager

Charlie Palmer 

Redistribution Manager

Anand Pancholi

Mobile Supermarket Manager

Louise Robillard

Vehicle Operations Manager