Shop For Meals

Shop For Meals

Supermarkets are very cleverly designed by psychologists to ensure you spend as much money as possible. This often involves varying prices dramatically for the sake of claiming ‘50% off!’ in a big red sign that grabs your attention or 3 for 2 deals on products you didn’t even really want one of in the first place. Often I have found myself wandering around a store buying anything that looks appealing at the time then two weeks later ended up with a cupboard half full and not a single meal I can make from it.

Planning your meals in advance saves time in the supermarket and a lot of money. By planning exactly what meals you will have over the week and going to the store with a shopping list you can be certain you won’t forget an ingredient. Planning also means you can maximise savings on bulk buying products as you know how much you will actually need. It’s very easy to fall into the habit of going to the supermarket and buying anything that jumps out at you (especially if you’re hungry!) but this will often result in food going off due to having nothing to go with it, missing out on bulk buy deals and ending up with food that you didn’t actually want.

There are plenty of websites and apps dedicated to helping you plan your meals and you can keep a shopping list on your phone. Give it a go next time you shop and see how much money and time can be saved!

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