Urban Farms

Urban Farms

London is jumping on the urban farming bandwagon, an already established practice in New York, Tokyo, and Singapore. GrowUp and Growing Underground are two examples of the revolutionary initiative to grow food within our cities.

Growing Underground have farms directly under city centre high streets that produce greens and fruits that can be delivered directly to local restaurants. The reduction in food miles would result in huge amounts of energy saved if done on a large enough scale and with a rapidly growing global population, utilising all the space we can to grow food is more important than ever.

GrowUp sustainably produces fresh fish, salad, and herbs using aquaponic and vertical growing technologies, again, in the middle of cities. While this is a very new idea, the potential it could have for reducing our carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable planet is exciting. As these projects are based indoors and underground, farming is not dependent on the sun and food can be produced all year round!

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